Santa Fe. Alvear. Actual Cargill Private Port
Concret Diagnosis, Products Selection and Tests.

Punta Alvear Port is located 20 Km south Rosario. It is a well designed port with aligned dolphins in the river similar to other ports but the most simple steel stucture in comparison with others in this zone.

The port originally belongs to Ferruzzi Group from Ravenna ( Italy) ,constructed in the early 80s .In 1994 the concret port structures showed signs of corrossion specially in the dock cilindric towers supporting mechanical shipping equipment.

The corrosive fenomenum began by sea water ballast verted over the concret structures while the ships were moored in the port for the charging grain operations.

The owners decided to give our firm the diagnosis studies, protective schemes definitions, and managment of the excutive repairing construction.

The work constuction process is in the pictures beside.

Professional work:

1- Measurement
2- Diagnosis Info
3- Schemes repairing info
4-Construction management

Constructions phases description under ASTM procedures :

Sand blasting
Ph measurement
Hydroblasting decontamination
Gunite Wet Mix of concret
Epoxy high solids protection (VOC norms)
UVA UBB Poliurethane protection