Argentina. Santa Fe. San Lorenzo. Vicentin Private Port.
ull Arrival Mechanical Stairways .
Engineering design and details. Construction management.

Vicentin use hulls to bring oil and seeds commodities to charge ocean ships. The sector hasn't a permanent stairway to access the arrival loaded hulls.

The project has several design objetives that our firm resolved:

• Fixed in one place
• River flow level
• Hull operations movements
• Hull high emerging changes by unloading
• Reach –5 mts to +2,50 mts from floor concret deck
• Steps addapted for each possible level combination
• Low maintenance
• Easy to disarm
• Electricaly opperated
• Security mechanical parachute


Mechanized stairways for hulls front wiew. Equipment is fixed to concrete dolphin. Stairways ready to work. Position –3.00 mts floor dolphin.

Corrosion protection with Amerlock 400. Ameron epoxy product 240 mic. Color IRAM 02- 1- 020
Workers mounting mast structure containing the special spring parachute if elevation cables accidentally cut.

At left the arm mechanism will be connected with the fisrt section of the stairways containing the exit platform


Principal wiew of the parachute rolling guide.
Rolls mantein the parachute in the right position in the 3 axes of the elevation movement.


Detailed wiew of the double pulley of the superior cable wrinch . Its shows the union between the pulleys and the springs parachute by 5/8 “ steel screws.


River boat and crane loading the stairways . The equipment is fixed to a discardable substructure to maintain the starways flat.


Boat carrying the stairways to the steel I structure positioned and fixed in the concrete dolphin in the oil seed loading sector of Vicentin Port.



Zoom wiew of the inox  step oval seeds texture  and the connecting rod and pole movements that permits the stairway reachs all kind of levels between +2.50 mts to –5.00 mts from the dolphin’s floor.


Complete wiew of the steel stairways during the industrial processing. Raw materials are :carbon steel and inox steel for unions and steps.

The exit platform is down open for use if not the normal position is up.


Open stairway wiew. The image shows the steps and the lower pole connection between them. The pole movement keeps proportional equal high for each step.


Zoom wiew of the parachute just mechanized and mounted in the industrial plant where the raw material was processed.