Argentina. Santa Fe. Rosario.
Concret Diagnosis, Construction Samples and Construction Management.

The professional work consists in the diagnosis, construction norms; products selection and tests for concret repair and protection of the corporate building front for the insurance company.
Front composition building was constructed in two plains: one of concret containig the windows and other virtual plain only with vanes made in black african granite.

The concret plain didn't have, the correct finishing skin leaving porous ,fissures and steel frames structure expoused to the environmental polution and corrosion agents.

The two front surfaces show the incorrect criteria of the original architectural project that requires an integral solution

Digital photographs :

1) Selected steps for a multicoat test:
     - Mechanical works
     - Hydroblast cleaning
     - Epoxy adhesive bridge
     - Epoxy repair mass
     - Poliurethane finishing

2) Worker using mechanical methods under ASTM norms
3) Works in differents front levels
4) Shows the works phases made by sectors
5) Front wiew in different finishing process
6) Fissures repairing
7) Worker measuring density of an epoxy product