Architecture complete development projects

Investment Projects / Consulting / 
      Urban and industrial investment projects. Counterpart of international projects
      UNIDO. WB. IDB.

Corrosion Diagnosis / 
      Steel and concrete protection. Predictive,corrective,preventive. SSPC and ASTM specifications

Civil Engineering / 
      Basic and detailed projects. Digital calculation Finite Elements Analysis.

Mechanical Engineering / 
      Basic and detaliled projects. Digital developments and Assemblys

Reverse Engineering: / 
      Process of taking a product/service apart analyzing its working in detail, for a new device or programs.

Digital Design And Graphics  / 
      Global works online. Multimedia professional applications. 2D, 3D and parametrics

SALOMON Engineering / Architectural Projects: 24 hours engineering, 12 hours online. Argentina 08:00 am 20: 00 pm  (GMT-03:00 Bs. As.)
WTO services (World Trade Organization). In the four modes multilateral exportation services
CPC United Nations codes : 8671 engineering , 8672 architecture , 8673 key ready integrated services
The firm is included in . Argentina Chancellery Official Portal , goods and services exportation.