1992 - Punta Alvear Port. ( Grain and oil seeds exportation port.) 
Subjects:Concrete tower corrosion by sea water disballast ship's tanks.
Cosultancy and construction manager.

1994 - La Segunda. ( Insurance company,main office. )
Subject: Concrete front protection, existing corrosion and enviromental attaks
Diagnosis,products samples and construction supervision.

2000 - Punta Divisadero Tower Building. 33 story high.  
Subjects: Consultancy. Surface treatment, Ph measurement, product selection, elasticity, adherence, enviroment protection.
Diagnosis, products, samples supervision, construction management.

2003/04 - Vicentin SA. ( Private port. )
Subjects: Integral diagnosis of the port's concrete and steel structure.
Diagnosis, products selection and bid specifications, construction samples.