Argentina. Santa Fe. Ricardone. Industrial Plant
Architectural Project / Interior Design

This national family company exports agricultural products cotton , grain and oil seeds for international markets. Frecuently the directors and managers received clients, finnancial agents or bankers as visits for workday meetings.

The relevance of these commercial contacts to commercialize 5 millons tons products requires a dedicated room for the bussines dialogs and lunch meetings.

Vicentin selected our firm to improve an existing building inside the 65 Ha. industrial lay out plant in Ricardone.Santa Fe State.

The design reached spaces and equipment in the main meeting room,kitchen and bathrooms.Next we describe some architectural details.

The kitchen was made completely in stainleess steel with a professional cooking equipment .Kitchen with doble fire crowns brought from Italy,a convector oven and a special grill (parilla) for the argentine high quality roast meats (asado) always chosen by foreingers

The bathrooms have a male touch ,covering in tea color Italian Porcelanatto combined with black marble ribbons in the floor, it contrast with the pure geometic white sanitary equipment. The walls have a border with primitive rupestrian art hunting scenne.

The Main Room was designed for nine distribution forms:
special meetings, asamblies, lunchs, cocktails, courses, chambers and directors annual repports.

Walls was enterelly covered with italian clear oak leriex and Bidermeier furnitures
with roots woods details and fumee borders. The space is defined in three spaces Living Room Area designed with cotton-silk sofas in front a rustic one piece brazilian granite chimney. The Directors Big Table made by a combination of 8 tables for 20 directory members around them. The Special Guests Oval Table for six members.

Lights design was an important part of the project several circuits , lamps types and lighting intensity can be selected for each ocassion and functions ambientation, cleanning, emmegency.

In the bathrooms the light turns on automatically.

Pictures in the walls tells the 70 years company's history, showing the founders and primitive buildings in old washed brown color since now.

In the entrance corporate giant pictures in color shows the different industries plants and port of the company.

In this area the foreing visitor will find a surprise, with pieces of tissue cotton from the company production we design, as abstracts paintings, several combination to show the materials colours and finishings.