»» 1975 - Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) - Small and Medium Scale Industrial Program: Santa Fe State. Argentina. Professional Multidisciplinary Team. Alvear 176 ha, Las Parejas 33 Ha, Reconquista 56 Ha.

»» 1980 - Private Investment Group - Land selection in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  Andrach Port. Cala Fornells, Cala Dor, Formentor.

»» 1981 - National Development Bank of Paraguay - Urban project leader. Prefeseability project Encarnacion Industrial Park. Itapua Department. 75 Ha.

»» 1982 - Paraguay free port located in Rosario. Prefeseability development project - Exponent to Treasury Minister of Paraguay. Dr. Delfin Ugarte Centurion.

»» 1983 - Ferruzzi Group: Ravenna. Italy - Grain silos diagnosis and storage  capacity. Operations and urban polution in Venado Tuerto and Alcorta cities, Argentina.

»» 1985 - Future Fundation. Telecommunications - High tower. 300 mts. Concrete casted. Developers Basso and Francovich gold and steel companies.

»» 1986 - Paraná River Sand Enterprises Chamber - Feseability studies for an Industrial production of sand lime bricks. Krupp Polisyus technologies.
»» 1987- Carbon National Mining Enterprise. YCF - Conditions and diagnosis of the existent national housing plans.

»» 1987- State Sanitary Direction. DIPOS -  Sanitary Propousal for Santa Fe city. Consultancy coordination. Register approved S&B consultants.

»» 1994 - Los Gigantes marble quarry development project - Cordoba State. Argentina. Project coordination. Italian technology of cutting diamont wire.

»» 2000/01- Fullmedium Website - Project for web telecommunications site and crypted info services. Contents development, experts coordiantion of